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    Children & Youth Programs

Knowledge is power. A core element of the Auxiliary’s mission, caring for our children and youth, is sharply focused on educating adults about the needs of our young people. We believe that the more people know and understand about the needs of the children in their communities, the more interest they will have in learning how they can help meet those needs.

In the American Legion Auxiliary, we do more than talk about it. The Auxiliary provides significant cash assistance and direct service and supports legislation that affects children at the local, state, and national levels. And while all children are important, the Auxiliary particularly focuses on helping the children of our veterans and military.

Children & Youth

Support Children and Youth in Your Community

  • “Star Spangled Kids”: This is an ALA program to educate children and youth on the history of the United States from the aspect of patriotism, Americanism and the U.S. Constitution.
  • Youth Hero Awards/Good Deed Awards: This is an ALA program to recognize youth who demonstrate a heroic act of physical valor or who exemplify community service in action.
  • Josh dogs: An American Legion Family alliance, GI Josh is a plush dog and accompanying storybook used to help ease separation fears for the military children.
  • April is The American Legion’s Children and Youth Month


  • Create a Unit Citizenship Award for children and youth who have learned the ideals of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Share a constitutional fact each month in the unit newsletter, the newspaper editorial and/or on social media.
  • September 17 is Constitution Day (Citizenship Day). Host a party that revolves around the U.S. Constitution for children.
  • Print and distribute pocket constitutions to schoolchildren.
  • Refer to the Star Spangled Kids how to sheet at the end of this program Plan for more information.


  • Once a child has been identified as a Youth Hero/Good Deed applicant, complete the nomination form.  See the Youth Hero/Good Deed nomination form on the national organization website to submit the name of the child. Have the form signed by two unit members, and then submit the form to your department secretary.
  • When a Youth Hero/Good Deed award is approved, contact local media, community school leaders and the child’s parents, and plan for a public presentation of the award.
  • Plan a special celebration of children during the month of April in honor of Children and Youth Month.

Support Military Children & Youth
Kids of Deployed are Heroes 2 (KDH2): This is a recognition program for military children who experience extended separation from their military parent or parents.

Youth Dinner Program


  • Host a dinner, game night, community fair, etc. that will bring military and nonmilitary families together.
  • Host a KDH2 celebration with recognition buttons/stickers to let military kids know we appreciate their sacrifices.


  • Plan a special celebration of military children during April in honor of the Month of the Military Child.
  • Encourage members to wear purple on April 15 in honor of Purple Up! for Military Kids day.
Children & Youth Programs

Support Veterans’ Children & Youth


  • Train unit members to be a resource for front-line agencies who receive requests for help.
  • Contact local schools to access their need for supplies and extra clothes for homeless children.