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Americanism Bulletin 2021-2022

Americanism Bulletin 2021-2022

Americanism Bulletin


Donna Hartwell Americanism Chairman

3431 S. Pacific Hwy. Sp. #16

Medford, Oregon 97501


Mid. Year Reports are due to me on December 15,2021

End. Year Reports are due to me on May 1, 2022



My focus this year for Americanism is Flag Etiquette and to focus on the Americanism Essay Contest

Members and Units

  • Practice respect for our Flag at public events, schools, sporting events, etc.
  • Volunteer for a local Patriotic event
  • Encourage members to fly a Flag
  • Americanism Essay Contest
  • Increase participation in the contest, offer incentive, encourage the Junior members to participate.
  • Unit Essays Americanism Awards


  2. Marie Martin Award
  3. Americanism National Essay Award



Americanism, Taking the time to share a favorite story about the positive impact you or someone you know has had on our Mission is worth doing!


Number of volunteer hours served for all Americanism Projects_______

Total dollars raised to benefit all American Projects_________________

Total dollars given in Americanism Projects_____________________

Number of Pocket Flags assembled & distributed:_________________

Number of volunteers:____________

  1. Maxine Bigalow, Past National President

A narrative report to include the following requirements:

  • Current events or Legislative reports.
  • At least one joint meeting with Legion family held in February.
  • Working with youth, including church groups, schools, etc.
  • Narrative Report may include copies of your local current events, newspaper clippings, and other pictures relating to your project. (Not required)
  • Must include the Unit name, number, the name of Unit President and name of Unit Chair.

The Americanism Chairman and selected judges will determine the winner.

  1. R. Marie Martin Award
  • Awarded to the Unit with the most outstanding narrative report highlighting their Americanism program.
  • Must include the Unit name, number the name of Unit President and name of Unit chair.

The Americanism Chairman and selected judges will determine the winner.






Goal Setting For Your Membership

Membership: WE MADE GOAL!!!!

Membership: WE MADE GOAL!!!!  Before National Convention!!!  

Drivers, pit crews and every member of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Oregon. Thank You Although I am not continuing at this time, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Vice-President/Membership Chairman for the 21-22 year. Your support meant so much to me. Membership could not happen without each one of you.
You all did it. You came thru and crossed that finish line. It has been at least 30 Years since Oregon made goal. Way the go.

Legionnaire July 2022

Here’s the latest from the American Legion.

View/Download Legionnaire July 2022 →


Completed Mural at Post 29

Take a look at the completed mural at Crook Co. Post 29! Great Job!


It is going to be a new year of LEARNING WITH POSITIVE COMMUNICATION! The Department President’s project is the Central Oregon Veterans Village.  They are a community of transitional shelters designed to provide shelter and services for homeless veterans. (Follow Department President’s Facebook page for photos of the shelters!)